Comrades Plaques

A Sports Plaque provides an athlete with a ready-to-display plaque that can be placed in their homes or offices. It will tell the story of the sweat, blood and tears of their race with the profile and time of the athlete. Your plaque will reflect a journey which has been etched into your memory for life!!

An original or own medal plaque is designed and manufactured with small neat holes along the surface for the runner to insert his medals. The medals are pushed through the front allowing the ribbons to hang from behind and the medals to hang in front. Badger does not require your medals for this process. It is personally designed and sent to you to hang your medals yourself. A small plaque is designed and placed under the medal to display the time completed. Each year the runner is able to simply place an order for their “race time plaque”and insert it along with the medal in the space provided for.

Our replica medals plaques are added to the runners plaque every year after the race. It is only the replica of the actual medal. Many prefer the neatness of the layout as they are all the same size and have the same look and also because orginial medals can tarnish over time.

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Taking Care of your Brass Plaque

Should you find that your brass has discoloured during transportation, please give your plaque a light polish with Brasso. (Should you have Benzine, this can also be used to shine after applying the Brasso)


Taking Care of your Stainless Steel Plaque 

Should you find that your steel has discoloured during transportation, please give your plaque a light polish with Dash. (The same as what you use for shining cars)

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